[h3][b]Release 1.1.4c[/b][/h3] [h3][b]Features/Changes[/b][/h3] - Added keyboard overlay when typing out the name of your spaceship (NEEDS BIG PICTURE MODE ENABLED) [img]https://clan.cloudflare.steamstatic.com/images//44677482/e9d90fb9f07ad518d79d68837b27b020106ff9ce.png[/img] - In the shop, the buttons are less saturated if you don't have the money for an item upgrade - You can now use abilities with a controller (LT) - You can now control the classic ship using a controller - The player in the menu will now always not have weapons. - Changed ability recharge tier 4 in the skill tree to exceed the cap at 50% speed instead of 100% - Updated recruitment names - Removed unused assets - Removed player death sound, as well as its setting to enable/disable it - Convince procedural cost 35 > 50 (nerf) [img]https://clan.cloudflare.steamstatic.com/images//44677482/0d04e199e1fb7d5b688198c183fe2fdde17ad042.png[/img] [h3][b]Fixed[/b][/h3] - Fixed more main menu issues - Fixed issues with the classic gamemode (left click will spam out bullets, errors with leaderboards etc) - Fixed crashes with the laser (thanks nafizrahman43 and zydent) - Fixed issue with laser being able to shoot at level 0 - Possibly fixed 'inf' upgrade issue